Yes, it is safe to have neon signs in your room. The most important thing is that they should be taken care of and kept well. Neon signs for the room are a beauty you do not want to miss—especially the modern neon, which is lighter and safer to use.

The traditional neon had led as an essential element, which played a softening role. Although, when lead was discovered to be unfit for human health, manufacturers reduced use it. Its primary function was to soften the glass and make it flexible.

Why are neon signs illegal?

Neon signs are illegal because of the confusion they are capable of causing to other road users. In most areas, the amber and yellow neon lights are generally acceptable. Although, the red and blue neon signs are prohibited because they are most likely to confuse other road users.

So the red and blue neon signs are only restricted on the roads to avoid confusing or distracting other road users. That means you may use them in your house and not outside on the streets. Using them in the house would hardly confuse any person like on the road.

Are neon signs bad for health?

Neon signs are not bad for health unless proved to be unhealthy. Traditionally, neon lights were made using an element that was later considered dangerous for humans. Subsequently, most manufacturers dropped the use of lead despite the critical role in making neon signs.

Today, neon signs are not bad for humans’ health, although you should know the type of material used to make your neon sign. Knowing the kind of material will help you to see whether you should take extra precautions. If you feel uncomfortable with the neon sign, you may choose other forms of lighting.

Can you leave neon lights on overnight?

Yes, there is no problem in leaving the neon signs on overnight. If you have a reason to leave them on overnight, you should not worry about energy costs or overheating the neon signs. The energy costs will still be below. Also, the neon glass will hardly be hot because neon lights do not have filaments which would burn and consume a lot of power.

However, if the neon lights interrupt your regular sleep, it would help if you switched them off. This way, you would not disrupt your biological clock, which most probably works with the amount of light exposed to determine the correct sleeping pattern. Keeping the switch close to you would be a great idea to turn the neon lights on whenever you need them.

Neon signs are a good form of décor in the room and should be used correctly. The present-day neon signs and light are good for human health. Unless necessary for you, you should not leave the neon lights on when sleeping because they might interfere with your sleep. Your sleep is essential because it allows specific body processes to take place successfully.


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