If you are tired of using cleansing, toning, or moisturizing products containing chemicals, or you have sensitive skin and cannot bear the side effects; or if you want to refresh your make-up without removing it, natural blotting paper is here to help.

Before, what helped solve these problems was just a wet tissue; people usually soaked it in water and then cleaned it to remove the dirt and oil left on the skin. But who wants to do all this boring work when there’s pleasingcare┬áNatural Blotting Paper?

Natural blotting paper is a revolutionary product. It contains only one ingredient, cellulose. This product helps wipe away any unwanted oil and dirt from your face or skin and creates a special, unique texture for your skin that leaves your face smooth after each use. Make-up on your face can be maintained for 6 hours, and eye make-up can be retained for 12 hours with this incredible paper!

What Makes Natural Blotting Paper Stand Out?

Pressed, cut, and dried sheets of the highest quality bamboo fiber, the Natural Blotting Paper is manufactured to perfection and the finest blotting paper available. There are several benefits associated with natural blotting paper. Some of the main benefits include:

Fresh Face Look

Having the right tools for wearing make-up makes all the difference in how comfortable you feel throughout the day. Natural Blotting Paper can take care of your shiny T-Zone at any moment while keeping your skin looking great. Paired with our Skin Cleansing Product and Mild Powder, our blotting paper will give you a fresh-faced look while staying true to your beauty routine.


Ultra-soft natural blotting paper is smooth to the touch and gentle on the skin. Thanks to the natural density of the fibers and its special compact structure, it can absorb a high amount of impure substance from the oil skin surface and make your face look clear, fresh, and healthy.


Non-Woven Natural Blotting Paper (NBN) is a light, absorbent and eco-friendly blotting paper made from 100% recycled non-woven fiber. The process of making NBN does not use any chlorine or bleach, therefore keeping the fiber white in appearance, stronger in texture, and using less energy. It is a product manufactured from renewable resources in an environmentally friendly manner.

Suitable For All Skins

The natural blotting paper is suitable for all skins. The reason for the suitability of the blotting paper is that it’s made up of raw materials. The natural materials make the blotting paper suitable for all skins because any skin can use it. 100% biodegradable blotting papers are made entirely from renewable resources and contain zero harmful chemicals. So even sensitive skins can make use of them.

Removable and Portable

Natural blotting paper is a handy blotting paper that can easily carry around. It comes with a foldable case, making it convenient to travel with you. The pack of blotting papers is made up of natural materials, which help remove excess oil from your face and maintain freshness. With the portable option of this blotting paper, you will feel safe and secure about your oily skin problem.


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