The brass floor waste has several unique features that make it stand out among other types of floor waste. Its fascinating features have significantly increased the demand for brass floor waste globally. Using this type of floor waste in your home not only helps you get rid of dirty and excess water, it guarantees durability.

Top-quality floor waste is made from highly durable materials to make them last longer for whatever application it is used. Floor waste made from brass has better durability. This means you get to save up money, in the long-term, since you wouldn’t need to change the floor waste regularly.

What is floor waste?

A floor waste is basically a water drainage tool. As a grated inlet, it acts as a filter and a pathway for water to drain to keep the floor dry. For example, after taking a shower, water used would need to be removed from the bathroom floor to avoid making a mess and causing injuries. The installed floor waste removes the accumulating water easily and prevents any large object from entering the main drainage system.

How is brass floor waste installed?

Brass Floor waste works following a similar process as other types of floor waste. It requires professional plumbers or a DIY expert to create the drainage system. However, installing a brass floor waste is an easy process. The installation process is often done while adding other bathroom facilities.

The floor waste has to be installed on the shallow end of the floor to allow for easy drainage with gravity. Since brass is a better and stronger material than most other floor waste material, when properly installed, would sit in place for a really long time.

Benefits of Brass Floor Waste

Unlike the other materials used in making floor waste, brass floor waste offers significant benefits. Some of the benefits of using brass floor waste include:


Plastic floor waste may seem like a cheaper alternative, but if you’re looking for a floor waste that’ll stand the test of time, then look towards brass floor waste. With coppers as a major constituent, brass is a high tensile material that can last for years if properly maintained.

Save replacement cost

If you prefer to buy other types of floor waste, you should get ready to replace them after a while. However, since the brass floor is durable, you save on replacement costs. Generally, replacing plumbing materials can be frustrating, so using brass floor waste saves you the stress and cost of making replacements.

Reasonably priced

Despite having great benefits, you would think that this type of floor waste would come at an expensive price. The good news is that brass floor waste is made affordable for everyone. Different suppliers offer different prices; so be financially smart to make comparisons before making a purchase. You should also be able to get discounts if you buy in bulk.


Brass Floor waste is an essential drainage tool you should consider for effective floor drains. This drainage tool will help increase the rate at which you drain floor water and also serve you for a really long time. You’ll need to work with plumbing experts to help blend the floor tiles with the floor waste, but it’s an easy fix if you love a good DIY activity. It’s reasonably priced and shouldn’t put a hole in your pocket to have one installed.


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