What is a honey blonde wig?

Honey blonde wigs comprise a mix of a wig and lace. The primary function of the laces is to give your hairline a natural look and show no sign of the wig on your hair. Honey blonde wigs are popular because they appear like your natural hair when you wear them properly.

You can style honey blonde wigs similar to the way you style your natural hair and still look great. Honey blonde wig allows you to style your hair with a style of your choice, whether it is a ponytail or fishtail. When the wig looks old, you can replace the lace frontal or closure to make the wig last for longer, thus helping you save an extra coin.

How do you make the honey blonde wigs look good?

The best place to work on to make your honey blonde wig look good is the hairline. You need to make the hairline look neat and as natural as possible. To make it more natural, take a pair of tweezers and literally pluck the hairline slowly. First, check the natural hairline to guide you so that you do not go in the hairline too much when cutting.

You may lose some part of your hair but you should be careful. Otherwise, the wig will look different if you widen the hairline gap too wide. Trimming the hairline is the best way to make your wig look natural and attractive.

Applying the honey blonde wig

Before applying the wig make sure you wash it thoroughly. Run water continuously on the wig before applying the shampoo to make it wet. Apply shampoo directly on the lace because it will be in direct contact with your head. Wash the wig thoroughly and follow it up with the conditioner.

Detangle the hair when still conditioning. This is the best time to detangle the hair because it is very easy for the comb to detangle it. After you have finished conditioning, continue to comb the wig before you leave it to stay overnight.

After a night, apply the wig on your head using a tanning spray and give it around five minutes for the wig to get in place. Apply the spray on one section at a time as you use a blow dryer to make sure the wig sticks down to your head. You may start in the middle and work side to side or choose the best method that works for you.

Complete the process by plucking out any excess natural hair that may be visible from the outside. If you have baby hairs, you can use a pair of tweezers to remove them for a better appearance. People will mostly see the area behind the baby’s hair, so it would be best to pluck off the hair around that section.

What is the average cost for a honey blonde wig?

The price of a honey blonde wig will vary from one place to another. However, the range will be between seven hundred to two thousand dollars. The price may be lower depending on your location, but you should ensure that you purchase the right product.


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