A soft bullet gun may become a necessity for two reasons – it is either you want to buy it for yourself or a kid. Either way, you will still enjoy a large part of the gun usage, even though you hate to admit it. Soft bullet guns are great for playing games we were used to in childhood. Those times, maybe we had played them using our hands as guns, but today, these soft bullet guns make it real. Of course, games like paintballing originated from the idea behind using soft bullet guns.

With the new popularity of the soft bullet guns, there are a lot more fake brands in the market. These brands make mediocre soft bullet guns that damage easily and capitalize on the increase in the demand. What is more surprising for these brands is they reduce the prices and intensify marketing efforts to have people take the brand. In this guide, we will discuss things you should do before making a payment for a soft bullet gun.

Check for scam alerts

A good scam brand will follow the exact footsteps if the regular standard brands in their best way possible. However, many times than none, they usually get it wrong in very minor places. The first thing to do is to be sure you are visiting a secure website to be sure. Always check that you are on a https URL – ensure the “S” is present.

Check body structure and materials

An interesting way to determine a mediocre soft bullet gun brand is through the structure and materials. If a soft bullet gun is made of full plastic, then it may not be the right gun for a kid. Kids tend to throw things away rather easily and plastic will break easily.

Check firmness of all joints

The joints of a Soft bullet gun is very important to its lifespan. If the gun has cracks already at the joints for the trigger and other parts, then there will be a problem with the whole construction. It is only a matter of time before it damages.

Visit correct eCommerce platforms

An eCommerce platform like Alibaba has its reputation to protect, and as such, you can rest assured that every product displayed has been tested and trusted. Another advantage that eCommerce platforms give you is the free reviews that you will see. These reviews are from people who have made the purchase correctly. Therefore, they are giving the reviews from a place of experience on the product.


The global market for soft bullet guns is on the rise because many people now buy for their kids and themselves. When they buy for kids, they hardly buy one soft bullet gun, it is always multiples of 3s and sometimes they may buy up to ten. This has given room for mediocre brands to come into the market and try to dupe people of their hard earned money. We have explained how you can avoid them in this article. Please kindly take heed.


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