As it is known, the key to perfection is consistency. The same thing applies to having a spotless house. To achieve this goal, you must be consistent with house cleaning. Now, to make this dedicated task stress-free, many of us adopt the most efficient and easy method: pressure washing. However, what can we do when our pressure washer suddenly stops working?

Most people are often discouraged from cleaning when their pressure washer gets faulty as they do not want to go back to the old and stressful methods. That’s why in this article, there are tips on what to do when your pressure washer stops working.

6 Things To Do When Your Pressure Washer Breaks Down

Switch The Power Off

You should never try to fix anything on your pressure washer without switching off the power. Failure to adhere to this may result in severe injury to you or even a total breakdown of the machine.

Run Diagnostics On Your Machine

To really find out the problem, you first have to check and test some parts of the machine. Sometimes the washer may not be broken, but dirt may be gathered there. Check the nozzle if it’s clogged or not, especially if it’s in modes like the 4-Mode Nozzle; check the modes separately and make sure there is water on the water supply line. If the nozzle is blocked, you should wash it out.

Check the Pressure Hose Couplers

Check the pressure hoes and see if the O rings are damaged and need replacing. To replace this, you can pull the rings out with the aid of a long nose plier and replace them with new ones with the assistance of your screwdriver.

Check For leaks

You should carefully inspect your hose for dents and cuts. If found, replace them.  Check the filter screen and replace it if damaged. It is also essential to ensure that all connections are tightened better to prevent future leaks.

Check The Fuse

If all the instructions are correctly followed, and the machine still isn’t working, it may be that the fuse is blown. So go ahead to check the fuse and replace it if blown.

Consult an Expert

The truth is, we all can’t be experts when it comes to fixing damaged machines and engines. So, if you discover that your pressure washer is faulty or damaged, you might need to reach out to an expert to help you fix it. Trying to handle the problem yourself might make things worse, and you may not even be able to use the pressure washer anymore.


A pressure washer is an essential tool used in our homes; therefore, for no reason should it be in bad shape for too long. This article has expressly dealt with checking and fixing the machine’s everyday problems. However, when all these steps are taken, and the engine is still not functioning, it’s advisable to seek help from professionals.


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